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No 4/2015, December

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Analysis of the Behaviour of Prices of Major Staple Foods in West Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria

O. E. Ayinde, T. E. Ilori, K. Ayinde, R. O. Babatunde

pp. 3-17

Developing the Metodology to Form Integrated Reporting of Agroholdings in the Russian Federation

N. N. Balashova, E. Šilerová, V. A. Melikhov

pp. 19-29

Augmented Reality As a Working Aid for Intellectually Disabled Persons For Work in Horticulture

P. Benda, M. Ulman, M. Šmejkalová

pp. 31-37

Market Power in the European Dairy Industry

L. Čechura, Z. Žáková Kroupová, H. Hockmann

pp. 39-47

Why Do Agricultural Producers Exhibit at Bread Basket?

M. Havlíková, A. Kolářova

pp. 49-56

E-trade with Direct Lending and Normalized Money

A. V. Ilyin, V. D. Ilyin

pp. 57-64

Geospatial Data Infrastructure Components Deployed for LTER -Europe Researchers’ Community

T. Kliment, P. Carrara, A. Oggioni

pp. 65-78

Factors Influencing Career Success of Employees in Agribusiness

T. Macák, J. Štůsek, K. Venclová

pp. 79-89

Efficiency of Production Factors and Financial Performance of Agricultural Enterprises

M. Novotná, T. Volek

pp. 91-99

Italian Trade Specialization: Persistence and Change in Regional Agri-Food Production

M. Platania, P. Rapisarda, M. Rizzo

pp. 101-109

Evaluation of the Effect of Subsidies on the Production Capability of Land in Selected Regions of the Czech Republic

D. Pletichová, Z. Gebeltová

pp. 111-122

Value Proposition Canvas: Identification of Pains, Gains and Customer Jobs at Farmers' Markets

J. Pokorná, L. Pilař, T. Balcarová, I. Sergeeva

pp. 123-130

EU Quota Sugar Market Concentration – the Main Drivers of EU Sugar Market

H. Řezbová, M. Maitah, O. I. Sergienko

pp. 131-142

Mitigation of Social Exclusion in Regions and Rural Areas – E-learning with Focus on Content Creation and Evaluation

M. Stočes, J. Masner, J. Jarolímek

pp. 143-150

Impact of Hybrid Intelligent Computing in Identifying Constructive Weather Parameters for Modeling Effective Rainfall Prediction

M. Sudha, B. Valarmathi

pp. 151-160

Analysis of Operating Costs of Subsidies in the Field of Agriculture of EU Countries

J. Svoboda, J. Lososová, R. Zdeněk

pp. 161-173

The Efficiency Improvement of Central European Corporate Milk Processors in 2008 - 2013

J. Špička

pp. 175-188

Landmark Finding Algorithms for Indoor Autonomous Mobile Robot Localization

L. Tóth, S. Paulovič, Z. Palková, L. Vacho

pp. 189-197

Agri-Environmental Performance of EU Member states

N. Turčeková, T. Svetlanská, B. Kollár, T. Záhorský

pp. 199-208

Concept of Horticulture Ambient Intelligence System

A. Vasilenko, M. Ulman

pp. 209-216

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