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No 4/2014, December

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Competitiveness and Effects of Policies on Plantain Production Systems in Southwestern Nigeria

I. B. Adeoye, O. A. Oni

Comparative Economic Study of Mixed and Sole Cassava Cropping Systems in Nigeria

J. O. Ajayi

Travel Cost Model for an Agrifarm Specialised in Horse Riding Activities

M. Antouškova

Analysis of the Technical and Scale Efficiency of Farms Operating in LFA

L. Čechura

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Investment Projects of Agricultural Bio-gas Stations

J. Homolka, J. Slaboch, A. Švihlíkova

Quantitative Differences among Normal and Knowledge Texts on Agriculture Waste Processing

T. Horáková, M. Houška

Supporting a Regional Agricultural Sector with Geo & Mainstream ICT – the Case Study of Space4Agri Project

T. Kliment, G. Bordogna1, L. Frigerio, D. Stroppiana, A. Crema, M. Boschetti, S. Sterlacchini, P. A. Brivio

Open Land Use Map

T. Mildorf, K. Charvát, J. Ježek, S. Templer, C. Malewski

Monitoring of Integrated Accounts Rendering and Non-Financial Information Disclosure to Agricultural Holdings (on the Basis of the Volgograd Region)

A. S. Ovchinnikov, A. N. Tseplyaev, N. N. Balashova, E. Šilerová, V. A. Melikhov

Simulation and Prediction of Water Allocation Using Artificial Neural Networks and a Spatially Distributed Hydrological Model

A. Papagera, K. Ioannou, G. Zaimes, V. Iakovoglou, M. Simeonidou

Determinants of the Farmers’ Conversion to Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture

M. Pechrova

Analysis of Development of Czech Foreign Trade in Foods and Beverages

K. Pohlová, J. Mezera

The Hot Spot Analysis: Utilization as Customized Management Tool towards Sustainable Value Chains of Companies in the Food Sector

H. Rohn, M. Lukas, K. Bienge, J. Ansorge, C. Liedtke

Rainfall Forecast Analysis using Rough Set Attribute Reduction and Data Mining Methods

M. Sudha, B. Valarmathi

Cross-Platform User Interface of a Web Application in Agrarian Sector

P. Šimek, J. Jarolímek, J. Masner

Competition among Companies in the Fast Food Market in the Czech Republic

K. Šrédl, E. Mikhalkina

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Feedback‘s Amount

J. Štůsek, D. Charvátová, Z. Charvát

Systematic Risk in Agriculture: A Case of Slovakia

M. Tóth, D. Lančarič, A. Piterková, R. Savov

Architectural Issues of a Location-Aware System Applied in Fruit Fly E-Monitoring and Spraying Control

T. Tsiligiridis, C. Pontikakos, D. Perdikis

Analysis of Some Drivers of Cocoa Export in Nigeria in the Era of Trade Liberalization

N. Verter, V. Bečvářova

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