No 1/2019, March

Evidence of Spatial Price Transmission in the Case of Kosovo


This study is focused on the analysis of spatial price transmission and market integration of Kosovo agricultural markets with world and EU markets. The paper employs asymmetric error correction model to quantify the extent, speed and nature of price adjustment for the long-run relationship between Kosovo, world and EU agricultural commodity prices. Monthly price data for key cereals (wheat, maize, barley) and beef meat covering the period 2004-2016 are used. Main findings of the study suggest that Kosovo is vulnerable to price transmitting signals from world and EU markets. Empirical results reveal evidence of asymmetry between Kosovo and world prices and signify stronger long-run relationship with the EU prices. Kosovo agricultural markets reacts to positive and negative price deviations, while world and EU prices do not respond on Kosovo price shocks. Kosovo as a price taker and as a country heavily reliant on agricultural and food imports has limited policy instruments to mitigate transmission of global price vulnerability. Under the current liberal trade regime with the regional and EU countries, any trade restrictive actions would have harming welfare effects on domestic consumers. Findings of this study contribute to agricultural and trade policymakers dealing with food prices and food security.

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E-Commerce Framework for Strategic Marketing of Udupi Jasmine


Udupi jasmine cultivation plays an important role towards economic and social growth for the jasmine growing community-based enterprise of coastal Karnataka, India. It helps in promoting rural livelihoods, food security and poverty reduction. Due to the significant socio-economic impact of jasmine cultivation, the promotion and marketing of jasmine is inevitable for the sustenance of this community-based enterprise This study aims in developing an e-commerce framework for strategic marketing and promotion of Udupi jasmine. Study found that the benefits of e-business was nowhere applied in the existing system. As Udupi jasmine is a unique crop with a geographical indication tag (GI), regular agricultural framework cannot not be directly used. The research intents to persuade utilization of customized e-commerce framework for jasmine considering the existing crude system. This will reinforce the socio-economic growth of this communitybased enterprise as there will be a well-organized circulation of agricultural products on a larger scale.

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Data Protection and Security in SMEs under Enterprise Infrastructure


Information is becoming a highly valued commodity of strategic importance in the period of globalization of trade, cooperation and mutual integration of companies. These facts bring a new perspective and the importance of adequate information security in IS/IT, especially in connection with their electronization and electronic exchange. The protection and security of IS/IT is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies and is one of the key factors for the economic success of SMEs, as well as in agricultural organizations and rural development organizations. Management's interest in IS/IT security and information results not only from a threat to prosperity, but also in the case of the threat to the company's own existence. By analysing the risks, adopting IS/IT security policy, developing safety standards, and implementing security in the life of the company, the security process does not end but comes into a qualitatively new stage. At the moment when the main problems are solved and the environment, at least to a certain extent ready, there is time for important routine activities. This is monitoring, control and audit.

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Comparative Advantages of Alternative Crops: A Comparison Study in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta, Vietnam


This study aims to measure the comparative advantages of alternative crops of rice, coconut, and pomelo as the key indicators for crop cultivation choices by using DRC, SCB, and other competitiveness indicators in PAM model with sensitivity analysis. The results indicate that pomelo fruit obtains the strongest competitiveness, coconut has the medium competitiveness, and rice has the weakest competitiveness. Coconut crop is the most stable while rice is the most sensitive to climate and market changes. This may suggest that farmers and policymakers should convert from rice crop into and adopt pomelo and coconut crops for more effective economic and sustainable benefits. However, this conversion should take account of the soil transferring costs and the initial cultivation costs of pomelo and coconut crops. Production indicators and trade indices seem to indicate contradictory rankings of competitiveness. The result, however, is still consistent with the economic theory.

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Data Pre-processing for Agricultural Simulations


The process of agricultural simulation using APSIM requires input meteorological data to be prepared in a specific format and the simulation setting file to be ready before the simulation processing starts. Because of possible time savings when conducting large number of simulations at once, it is preferable to create all the input and settings files for all the simulations beforehand and process the simulations in batches as large as possible. This article specifically deals with the data acquisition, transformation and preparation process. It also outlines initial testing and computing time estimations and discusses scheduling, parallel processing and other possible simulation optimization methods.

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What Is Relationship between Profits and Dividends in Agricultural Legal Entities?


The paper assesses the development of profits in the selected legal entities of agricultural primary production in the Slovak Republic as well as the progress in taxation of profit distribution in the form of dividends including mutual correlations in 2009-2014. Mean values of profit or loss are noted for the diverse development of examined variables. The development of mean values of dividends from the net profit is achieved a slight increase in the selected years. The dividends generated in the analysed periods were not taxable because according to the Slovak tax law dividends were not subject to tax. The results of testing of differences significance in profit or loss values in the reviewed commercial companies and cooperatives determined that the statistically significant differences existed in the particular years. In case of dividends no statistically significant differences were found. The statistically significant correlations between profit and dividends were reported by means of nonparametric correlation analysis except for the profit generated in the year 2009 and dividends in the year 2010.

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Sensitivity Analysis in Research of Construction of Agricultural Buildings Focused on Poultry Farming


Both heat comfort and energy saving represent important parameters of agriculture buildings environment. Selecting material composition for perimeter walls (in course of both new building construction and reconstruction of existing ones) can aid to eliminate heat load of interior environment. Non-stationary processes taking place in building constructions in connection with building interaction with exterior environment and installed ventilating and heating systems are affected by a number of factors that can be well modelled by help of simulation methods and verified by experimental measuring. This work deals with analysing building construction from viewpoint of material used materials and changing their different physical parameters in order to achieve an optimal perimeter construction composition for agriculture building with regard to poultry farms.

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Creation, Storage and Presentation of Information Content – Semantics, Sharing, Presentation, and Archiving


People are getting more and more used to consume a digital, online content. Many outlets switched to online publication or at least increased their online presence. Besides, online publication is not the only domain of publishing houses. Many different organisations and companies - including those from area of agriculture and rural development - provide online content in form of articles. Importance of semantic web is growing constantly. Together with metadata descriptions, it is necessary for all the current search engines, smart assistants and AI technologies. Public standards and open source software can significantly speed up development and reduce costs when it comes to the Internet and World Wide Web. The paper provides overview of an updated methodology for creation, storage and presentation of online information content in World Wide Web environment. The latest research was focused mainly on presentation and semantics. The whole research process is established as well as the final f ormulation of the methodology.

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Contract Farming and Profitability: Evidence from Rice Crop in the Central Mekong Delta, Vietnam


This study aims at investigating profitability of rice contract farming in Vietnam’s Mekong delta. We used data from a farm-household survey comprising of 70 contract and 96 noncontract respondents, and apply the Student’s t-test and ordinary least square regression model for data analysis. We found that farmers with larger rice plantations are unlikely to engage in contract farming, and that market outlets and output price for contract growers tend to be ensured compared with noncontract ones. The findings reveal that contract farming has a significantly positive impact on rice-farming profitability in terms of average return and average rate of return on variable cost when controlling for observable characteristics of household and farm. The results suggest that contract farming may enable rice farmers to raise their rice income as well as household income. The policy implication may be that contract farming may not be feasible for all rice farmers and rice business firms.

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Fish Output and Food Security under Risk Management Strategies among Women Aquaculture Farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria


This study examined the impact of risk management strategies’ adoption on fish output and food security among women aquaculture farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was used to select 90 respondents. Endogenous switching regression model and recursive bivariate probit model were employed to carry out the impact analysis. The empirical findings revealed that farmer’s age, household size, education, non-farm income, pond system, quantity of feed, credit constraint, and risk attitude significantly influenced risk management strategies’ adoption. Moreover, adoption of risk management strategies increased fish output and reduced food insecurity among women aquaculture farmers. In conclusion, adoption of risk management strategies is capable of enhancing fish output and reducing food insecurity. Therefore, development agents should encourage women aquaculture farmers to adopt risk management strategies in order to have increased fish output and reduced food insecurity which can help in bridging fish supply-demand gap and reducing their level of vulnerability.

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