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No 4/2013, December

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Households’ Dietary Diversity, Farm Income and Technical Efficiency Correlates: Empirical Evidence from Small-scale Farming Households in Nigeria

M. O. Adewumi, J. O. Animashaun

Modeling the Determinats of Domestic Private Investments in Ethiopia

G. G. Ambaye, T. Berhanu, G. Abera

Some Notes to Income Disparity Problems of Agriculture

I. Boháčková

Collaboration in the Czech Dairy Chain

I. Bošková

Differences of Broadband Network Infrastructure, e-Readiness and Usage in EU Rural Regions

S. Botos, M. Herdon

Using of Business Continuity Standards in Agriculture, Industry and ICT

P. Hájek, H. Urbancová

Security of Agrarian Portals

M. Havránek, P. Benda, V. Lohr, Z. Havlíček

Application Possibilities and Consequences of Biological Assets and Agricultural Produce Reporting in Accordance with IFRS Principles in the Czech Republic

J. Hinke, M. Stárová

Analysis of the Effect of Legal Form and Size Group on the Capital Structure of Agricultural Businesses of Legal Entities

T. Hlavsa, R. Aulová

On the Design of Environmental Protection Networks

K. Ioannou

Non-indigenous and Endangered Animal Record Keeping in the Czech Republic

J. Jarolímek, M. Stočes

Soviet Collectivisation and Its Specific Focus on Central Asia

P. Kokaisl

Selected Aspect of the Microbreweries Boom

T. Maier

Technical Efficiency of Organic and Biodynamic Farms in the Czech Republic

M. Pechrová, E. Vlašicová

An Assessment of the Differentiated Effects of the Investment Support to Agricultural Modernisation: the Case of the Czech Republic

T. Ratinger, T. Medonos, M. Hruška

Sugar beet production in the European Union and their future trends

H. Řezbová, A. Belová, O. Škubna

The Factors Influencing the Application of Organic Farming Operations by Farmers in Iran

M. Savari, R. Ebrahimi-Maymand, F. Mohammadi-Kanigolzar

Using of Automatic Metadata Providing

P. Šimek, M. Stočes, J. Vaněk, J. Jarolímek, J. Masner, I. Hrbek

Farmland Loss and Poverty in Hanoi‘s Peri-Urban Areas, Vietnam: Evidence from Household Survey Data

T. Q. Tuyen, V. Van Huong

Agricultural E-Government: Design of Quality Evaluation Method Based on ISO SQuaRE quality Model

M. Ulman, V. Vostrovský, J. Tyrychtr

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