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No 4/2012, December

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Perception of Poverty by Ethiopian Rural Households: Using a Self Reported approach

G. G. Ambaye

Building Blocks for a Data Infrastructure and Services to Empower Agricultural Research Communities

G. Geser, Y. Jaques, N. Manouselis, V. Protonotarios, J. Keizer, M. Sicilia

Monitoring of infection pressure of American Foulbrood disease by means of Google Maps

Č. Halbich, V. Vostrovsky

Methodological Approaches to Costs Evaluation of Canned Feed

J. Jánský, J. Poláčková, P. Kozákova

The Assessment of the Effects of Investment Support Measures of the Rural Development Programmes: the Case of the Czech Republic

T. Medonos, T. Ratinger, M. Hruška, J. Špička

Diagnostic Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variations in Crop Water Productivity: a Regional Scale Analysis of the Rain Fed Wheat

M. H. Nazarifar, M. H. Kanani, R. Momeni

Factors Determining the Entry of Agricultural Farms into Agritourism

L. Pilař, J. Pokorná, T. Balcarová, J. Hron

Rural Economies and ahe Pillar 2 Budget Debate: A Regional Perspective

T. Ratinger, Z. Křístkova

Using Metadata Description for Agriculture and Aquaculture Papers

P. Šimek, J. Vaněk, V. Očenášek, M. Stočes, T. Vogeltanzova

Determinants of Ruminant Meat Demand among Different Income Groups in Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria

B. M. Yakaka, A. C. Iheanacho, A. C., K. Babagana

Economic Value of Recreation – Determinants Influencing the Willingness to Pay in Natural Region with Low-Intensity Agriculture

M. Antouškova

Competitiveness of Domestic Production of Poultry Meat on the EU Market and on the World Market

A. Belová, L. Smutka, E. Rosochatecká, A. Bazina

The Competitiveness of Agricultural Foreign Trade Commodities of the CR Assessed by Way of the Lafay Index

J. Burianová, A. Belova

Proposal of the Creation of Resources for the Maintenance of the Production Capability of the Agricultural Land Fund by Way of Tax Savings

Z. Gebeltová, D. Pletichova

Impact of the CAP's Second Pillar Budget Reform on the Czech Economy

Z. Křístková, T. Ratinger

Modelling Brewing Industry Pricing

T. Maier

Impact of Government Reform on Beef Market

Z. Malá, M. Malý

Time Series Properties and Their Influence on the Results of Price Transmission – Case Study of the Czech Pork Market

L. Rumánkova

Impact of Complementary National Direct Payments on Cattle Breeding Sector

H. Řezbová, K. Tomšík

Production Costs in the Fattening Period of Pigs and Assessment of the Influence of Selected Factors on the Amount of These Costs

J. Štolcová, J. Homolka

Analysis of the Effects of Subsidies on the Economic Behavior of Agricultural Businesses Focusing on Animal Production

G. Trnková, Z. Malá, A. Vasilenko

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