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No 4/2010, December

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Risk and Subsidies in Czech Agriculture - an ex-ante Analysis of Farmers´ Decision-making

L. Jelínek, I.Foltýn, J. Špička, T. Ratinger

Normative Economics or Improvement of Economic Life at Regional Level in the Czech Republic.

R. Klufová, J. Friebelová, I. Faltová Leitmanová

Sectoral Production Function of Chicken Broiler Fattening

T. Maier, L. Pánková

Specifics in the chosen production chain?

L. Pánková

Vision Statements and Road-Map Methodology for Knowledge Management Adoption

K. Charvát, P. Gnip, M. Gemtou, T. Vogeltanzová

Selected approaches of variables weighting in frame of composite indicator analysis

T. Hlavsa

The Optimization of Pastry Delivery for NOPEK Bakery in Vysoké Mýto

P. Kučera, M. Jarkovská

New approaches to presenting information in the agrarian sector and country areas – Technological solution of the agris web portal

P. Šimek, J. Vaněk, E. Červenková, J. Jarolímek, T. Vogeltanzová

An analysis of the Peruvian jungle cocoa farmers: Acopagro cooperative vs. intermediaries – a case of study

A. Higuchi, M. Moritaka S. Fukuda

Valuing Socioeconomic Factors of Farmers´ Households and Economic Effects of Agroforestry System

J. Kalabisová, Z. Křístková

Limits of the applicability of the social structural model in Czech rural areas

R. Kopřiva

Analysis of the Relationship between State Budget and Trade Balance of Libyan Economy (Period: 2000 – 2008)

M. Maitah, A. der Ali

Econometric Analysis of Milk Value Chain

K. Matulová, P. Bubáková, O. Škubna, T. Taussigová

International Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility

L. Stanislavská, K. Margarisová, K. Štastná

Global trends in risk management support of agriculture

J. Špička

Possibilities of web-conferencing systems for disabled students

P. Benda, M. Havránek, V. Lohr, Z. Havlíček

Interoperability of Knowledge Units in Plant Protection: Case Studies

M. Beránková, M. Houška, R. Kvasnička

ICT industry and resources based analysis of maintenance SME in the Central Europe

Š. Tesař , Z. Havlíček, V. Očenášek

Map Resources – ECO Farms in the Czech Republic

J. Vaněk, I. Brožová, J. Jarolímek, P. Šimek, T. Vogeltanzová, E. Červenková

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