Factors Affecting the Demand for Milk and Dairy Products in the Slovak Republic

DOI 10.7160/aol.2019.110404
No 4/2019, December
pp. 39-47

Kubicová, Ľ., Predanocyová, K. and Kádeková, Z. (2019) “Factors Affecting the Demand for Milk and Dairy Products in the Slovak Republic", AGRIS on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 39-47. ISSN 1804-1930. DOI 10.7160/aol.2019.110404.


Paper is aimed at dairy sector in the Slovak Republic with an emphasis on identifying the determinants causing low demand for milk and dairy products. The primary objective is to identify consumer behavior and the main factors affecting consumer choices in choosing milk and dairy products. The primary source of information is created by the results of consumer survey proving the consumption of milk and dairy products is widespread among consumers, with cheese and yoghurt as the most preferred ones. The results of the consumer survey were confronted with a survey aimed at identifying the views of producers and processors of milk and dairy products. We identified the main issues, particularly the low redemption price of milk, lack of milk consumption and the absence of sales support.


Milk and dairy products, consumption, factors affecting demand, consumer behavior.


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