Optimization of Irrigation Spray Distribution in the Term of its Uniformity

No 2/2013, June


The production process of agricultural and livestock production is affected by climatic conditions, mostly including the amount and quality of rainfall. In High Tatras region is annual atmospheric rainfall between 500 and 2000 mm. During vegetation period the rainfall on the most agriculturally significant areas is even less and its value is between 300 and 250 mm. This amount is insufficient for the most of economic significant plants. From this point of view, the artificial irrigation represents one of the most important factors that improve the agricultural production.Considering stochastic effects like wind or technical parameters of irrigation machines, slope of terrain, the distribution of spray is not equal over the whole irrigated area. For economic benefits in the process of irrigation and supplying water to the irrigation machines, this spray non-uniformity must attain smallest possible value. This can be achieved by proper mathematical modeling of economic and technological processes, the irrigation process includes.


Irrigation uniformity, overlaps, simulation model, sprinkler.

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