Development of Visegrad Countries’ Agricultural Trade in Relation to Agricultural Production Development

No 1/2013, March


The paper is devoted to the analysis of Visegrad coutries’ agricultural production and trade relationship. The objective is to analyze changes in agricultural production in relation to individual countries’ agricultural foreign trade performance and to identify the most important changes in area of Visegrad members’ agrarian production and trade performance and competitiveness. During the period 1993 – 2010, Visegrad countries’ agricultural production and trade were significantly affected. The volume of agricultural production was reduced especially in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The reduction of agricultural and foodstuff production volume in the Czech Republic and Slovakia resulted in the significant growth of imports. Hungarian trade was also negatively affected by its agricultural sector and foodstuff industry stagnation. Only Poland was able during the analyzed time period significantly improve its production and trade performance. Agricultural trade of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary does not have comparative advantages in relation to the EU and third countries market. Only Poland does have comparative advantages in the field of agricultural trade, both in relation to the EU market, as well as in relation to the global market.This paper was supported by the institutional research intentions MSM 6046070906.


Visegrad groups, agriculture, production, trade, development, trend, competitiveness.

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