Possibilities of Using the Four-factorial Inventory of the Climate of Innovation in the Czech Agricultural Sector

No 3/2012, September


To increase the competitiveness of the European model of agriculture, an environment of innovation must be created in the field of primary agricultural production and in the subsequent processing industries. The level of innovation in the processing industry greatly influences the competitiveness of businesses on the market. The team climate inventory (TCI-38) is a specific tool for measuring the important aspects of an innovation- focused team work environment. The aim of the article is to verify the possibilities of use of the TCI-38 tool in the Czech Republic. The TCI-38 factor structure in the Czech Republic is described in the article on the basis of exploratory and confirming factor analysis. Through exploratory factor analysis, the input variables were reduced to 5 factors: (1) Team vision, (2) Support for Innovations, (3) Participation Safety, (4) Task Orientation, (5) Communication, which accounted for 79.46 % of the total variance. The results Rotation Sums of Squared Loading and reliability coefficients of extracted factors show that TCI-38 is a stable tool for measuring the climate for innovation in the team work environment in the Czech Republic.The article originated as a part of the Internal Grant Agency (IGA) of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Registration Number 201111140064.


Agricultural Sector, Innovation, Team Vision, Support for Innovations, Participation Safety, Task Orientation, Communication.

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