Map Resources – ECO Farms in the Czech Republic

No 4/2010, December Special


The present paper deals with the creation of maps for the sake of a special map portal using the database of eco farms in the Czech Republic. The map output is being developed and implemented within the framework of the Research Program in mutual cooperation of the Department of Information Technologies, Information and Consulting Centre, other departments of the Faculty of Economics and Management CULS Prague with external partners, especially with the Ministry of Agriculture (Environment and Ecological Agriculture Section, Department of Ecological Agriculture) and the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (UZEI) - Division of Agro-environmental Policy in Brno. The maps are visualized by means of MPPR 1.0 system and have been processed – in the pilot stage - for the South Bohemian Region eco farms. The results represent initial data from 2009 (as at 31st December 2009) that have been processed, verified and complemented in the course of 2010.


Map portal, web browser, Google Maps, eco farm, ecological agriculture, Act No. 242/2000 Coll.

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