International Standards of Corporate Social Responsibility

No 4/2010, December Special


The article deals with internationally acknowledged standards and norms in the sphere of corporate social responsibility. It introduces the concept of social responsibility, the so-called triple-bottom line, in terms of which the company focuses not only on the economic growth but it also takes into account environmental and social aspects of its business activities. The article presents five norms and standards which stem from the triplebottom line concept. The norms and standards are in the article briefly characterised, which is followed by their comparison based on four previously stated criteria. The results of the comparison show that there is no such norm which would meet current company requirements. This paper resulted from contribution to a research project IGA FEM CULS 201011140057 "Modern Management Approaches in the Field of Higher Education in the Czech Republic"


Corporate social responsibility, triple-bottom line, international standards and norms Anotace.

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