Valuing Socioeconomic Factors of Farmers´ Households and Economic Effects of Agroforestry System

No 4/2010, December Special


The paper contains results of research realized in the rural area of Ucayali region in Peru, situated in the tropical zone in the Central East of the country. With the use of data acquired from agroforestry research on the demonstration plots and questionnaire survey on farmers´ households, the objective is to assess the economic effects of designed agroforestry multi-strata system by means of ex-ante approach. It was found out, that unfavorable financial results in first two years of the system, long production cycle of timber trees and low price of timber represent the principal challenges for adoption of agroforestry systems. The results drawn from the LP modeling described in this paper provided useful insight into the household’s economy which is based on agroforestry production system. The results were elaborated within the research intention IVZ MSM 6046070906.


Agroforestry System; Linear Programming Model; Ucayali.

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