An analysis of the Peruvian jungle cocoa farmers: Acopagro cooperative vs. intermediaries – a case of study

No 4/2010, December Special


In the Peruvian jungle, there are two main cocoa marketing channels: the intermediaries and the cooperative. The Acopagro Cooperative, a Peruvian organization, for example, has contributed to the shift from illegal crops like cocoa to an alternative crop like cocoa which gives small scale farmers a sustainable welfare. A survey of 243 farmers in Juanjui, San Martin-which is the main cocoa production area in Peru-was carried out between December 2009-January 2010. This study analyzes Peruvian cocoa farmers’ socio-economic characteristics as these attributes affect their decision-making process in the cocoa commercialization for their self-improvement and evaluates if the farmers’ participation in Acopagro or not influences the increment of the cocoa production. Policy makers and farmers’ organizations should consider these results in order to contribute to improve the competitiveness of the farmers’ marketing channels not only towards the development of these organizations’ but also to that of their communities as a whole.


Cooperative, socio-economic characteristics, logistic model, multiple regression function, cocoa production, marketing channel, farmers’ organization.

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