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No 4/2015, December

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Analysis of the Behaviour of Prices of Major Staple Foods in West Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria

O. E. Ayinde, T. E. Ilori, K. Ayinde, R. O. Babatunde

Developing the Metodology to Form Integrated Reporting of Agroholdings in the Russian Federation

N. N. Balashova, E. Šilerová, V. A. Melikhov

Augmented Reality As a Working Aid for Intellectually Disabled Persons For Work in Horticulture

P. Benda, M. Ulman, M. Šmejkalová

Market Power in the European Dairy Industry

L. Čechura, Z. Žáková Kroupová, H. Hockmann

Why Do Agricultural Producers Exhibit at Bread Basket?

M. Havlíková, A. Kolářova

E-trade with Direct Lending and Normalized Money

A. V. Ilyin, V. D. Ilyin

Geospatial Data Infrastructure Components Deployed for LTER -Europe Researchers’ Community

T. Kliment, P. Carrara, A. Oggioni

Factors Influencing Career Success of Employees in Agribusiness

T. Macák, J. Štůsek, K. Venclová

Efficiency of Production Factors and Financial Performance of Agricultural Enterprises

M. Novotná, T. Volek

Italian Trade Specialization: Persistence and Change in Regional Agri-Food Production

M. Platania, P. Rapisarda, M. Rizzo

Evaluation of the Effect of Subsidies on the Production Capability of Land in Selected Regions of the Czech Republic

D. Pletichová, Z. Gebeltová

Value Proposition Canvas: Identification of Pains, Gains and Customer Jobs at Farmers' Markets

J. Pokorná, L. Pilař, T. Balcarová, I. Sergeeva

EU Quota Sugar Market Concentration – the Main Drivers of EU Sugar Market

H. Řezbová, M. Maitah, O. I. Sergienko

Mitigation of Social Exclusion in Regions and Rural Areas – E-learning with Focus on Content Creation and Evaluation

M. Stočes, J. Masner, J. Jarolímek

Impact of Hybrid Intelligent Computing in Identifying Constructive Weather Parameters for Modeling Effective Rainfall Prediction

M. Sudha, B. Valarmathi

Analysis of Operating Costs of Subsidies in the Field of Agriculture of EU Countries

J. Svoboda, J. Lososová, R. Zdeněk

The Efficiency Improvement of Central European Corporate Milk Processors in 2008 - 2013

J. Špička

Landmark Finding Algorithms for Indoor Autonomous Mobile Robot Localization

L. Tóth, S. Paulovič, Z. Palková, L. Vacho

Agri-Environmental Performance of EU Member states

N. Turčeková, T. Svetlanská, B. Kollár, T. Záhorský

Concept of Horticulture Ambient Intelligence System

A. Vasilenko, M. Ulman

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